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“To Find You”-Music Video

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“Mike is under a tree in the quad, he’s on a deck outside the margarita bar, he’s on stage at the pavillion, he’s sitting on your couch in the livingroom.  Mike’s music transcends location and time, truely to be enjoyed yesterday, today and 30 years from now wherever you may be… here or there.”
-WMRC DJ Ray Auger

Welcome to Mike  Now the way you probably heard of me was from a show you just attended, you may have seen my name on a marquee while you were driving around or you may have heard one of my songs and said, “who is this??”  Either way, I’m glad you found me.

“My name is Mike Tarara and I’m singer/songwriter/
cover artist.   I’ve been doing music since I can remember and beyond and I decided to make it my living one day.”

Mike Tarara currently plays shows 2 times a week or so in your local town or city. He plays over 2500 cover songs and has 3 cds worth of originals. You’ll find him in restaurants, bars, shows and charity events. Mike has 2 CDs out right now and he’s writing new material for his 3rd CD. “It’s very exciting and rewarding.”

Mike has been playing live music since 2000 for audiences, with songs from all genres as well as his introducing his original compositions.

“I’m very excited when people come up to me and say, “You know Higher Ground is one of my favorite songs, its really amazing to me.”
Or “I was stuck in traffic and “To Find You” was the only thing that kept me sane, I kept listening to it over and over Thanks!”   Or even, “I’m Here I’m There is such a special song to me, it really speaks to me and its helped me through so many times.”

Those are the moments when you know what you do is worth doing,
worth trying and worth sharing with you.
I take stories and experiences that happen to me, my friends,
my loved ones and I sometimes write about them, me, you, it all.
“I want to write songs that inspire, comfort and give energy when you need it.”

Check out this website and see what’s goin on. Songs Mike has written,  recorded shows, places played, places you’ve been. It’s not only his journey, it’s not like a cubicle, you’re allowed to come to his job and have your own stories to tell, share and experience afterwards. The best is, CDs, Music, Twitter, Facebook sharing are great ways to remember and take home the experience.

Thanks and see you soon!


“Melodic, fun to listen to, earnest music, Mike has such a friendly and sincere voice”
-Cat Wilson Cool 102fm

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